As a new decade is upon us, we wanted to take a moment to reflect and share our gratitude for the support we have received not only for our Foundation, but through Emily's diagnosis and the years of treatment that followed.

This past decade has been a journey. At the start, we couldn’t have even dreamed of where that journey would take us, or the impact it would have for our family. It was a decade that redirected the course of our lives, beginning with the words, “Your daughter has cancer.”

In that moment, while we certainly did not foresee the journey that was to come, we did Believe it would take us beyond cancer.

That faith in the journey ahead created the foundation for our determination to do everything in our power to save Emily’s life. It created a foundation for our trust in the teams at Penn and CHOP to allow Emily to be enrolled as the first pediatric patient to receive CAR-T cell therapy. And it created a base for our determination to help instill hope and ensure survival for other children and their families by establishing the Emily Whitehead Foundation.

In just the last ten years, we have experienced life with a child fighting, and then beating, cancer. We have witnessed the groundbreaking momentum of an experimental clinical trial saving lives and becoming approved first by the U.S. FDA, and then in several more countries around the world. We have celebrated seven, healthy and thriving years of Emily remaining free of cancer. And we have had the honor to meet and connect with so many more families experiencing journeys similar to our own.

There is only one word to define this decade for us. Believe.

We Believe in innovation and the advancement of cancer research. We Believe in the power of prayers, positivity and hope. And, We Believe in a future where every child has the opportunity to activate the cure to their cancer.

We look forward to believing further into 2020 and beyond. It is, truly, going to be our best year and we cannot wait to share what is next to come.

To all of our Embassadors, we wish a happy, healthy and blessed new year.

Thank you for Believing with us.


The Whiteheads 


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