On January 29, Tom and Emily attended the Stand Up To Cancer Summit 2023 in San Diego, CA. While there, they had the opportunity to meet with many top scientists in cancer research & introduce a special screening of Of Medicine and Miracles.

One of the summit’s highlights was Dr. Carl June’s presentation, which included an update on Emily’s case as the first pediatric CAR T-cell therapy patient. Ten years later, her CAR T-cells are still hard at work & have evolved to give her the protection she needs.

Thank you to our friends at Stand Up To Cancer for the invitation!

The Emily Whitehead Foundation and Stand Up To Cancer have previously collaborated to support the advancement of innovative pediatric cancer immunotherapy research by co-funding Phillip A. Sharp Innovation in Collaboration Awards in 20182019, and 2020.

In 2014, Emily's story was featured during the Stand Up To Cancer telecast, and again at the 2018 telecast where Emily and CAR-T Warrior Nick Wilkins were given the opportunity to thank the doctors and researchers who treated them.