We know what it is like to have cancer try to take away our child multiple times. We have witnessed Emily suffer through some of the most horrific pain and fear yet she never complained. We told her from the day she was diagnosed with leukemia that being afraid doesn't mean you are not brave and that she would beat cancer!

Emily is alive today because of cancer research. We saw firsthand how cancer research is saving lives; however, there are still children losing their lives every day because of limited treatment options for high-risk patients like Emily. Children who have their cancer return are harder to treat because their cancer becomes resistant to standard therapies. Cutting edge treatments like the T-cell therapy are needed to help cure these children but funding is limited. Childhood cancer receives only 4% of the National Cancer Institute budget for research. Many researchers rely on grants from non-profit organizations and private donors who are dedicated to raising funds for childhood cancer research.

We created the Emily Whitehead Foundation to help provide researchers with the funding they need to find less toxic treatments and ultimately a cure for pediatric cancer. Our focus will be on funding the most promising research such as the T-cell therapy that Emily received. As our foundation grows, we also hope to help other pediatric cancer families by providing financial assistance while their child is in treatment. We will continue sharing Emily's story to promote awareness and inspire others to take action and make a difference.

The only thing we asked for throughout Emily's treatment were prayers to help her get through each day, but we received so much more from people around the world. We are thankful for every day we spend with Emily. We know too many families who have lost a child to cancer. We don't know what will happen tomorrow but we want to spend every day we have with Emily just enjoying being her parents and making sure she is happy and healthy. Emily doesn't want to lose any more friends to this terrible disease and she is proud that many others are benefiting from what she endured. We have been given so much and we hope to give back much more in return. With your help we make a difference!

We believe in a cure. Together we can end cancer!

~Tom and Kari