We published a book!

Praying For Emily: The Faith, Science, and Miracles That Saved Our Daughter is our re-telling of the events that happened leading up to Emily's admittance into the CAR T-cell therapy clinical trial at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). With the help of NY Times bestselling author Danelle Morton to put the words to the page, Praying For Emily is written from Tom's point of view, with excerpts from the blog Kari kept throughout Emily's cancer diagnosis, and an afterword written by Emily herself!

So many of you know Emily's story as the first pediatric patient to receive CAR T-cell therapy, but few know about the more intimate details of our journey as a family faced with navigating the unknowns of a childhood cancer diagnosis—through which we relied on both faith and science to guide us.

It was important to us to tell this story not only to help spread more awareness, but also to thank so many of the people that helped us along the way—from the nurses, doctors, and child-life specialists who so attentively cared for Emily, to the members of our family and our community who prayed for her recovery.

We are humbled and grateful for all the support we have received. Praying For Emily has been several years in the making, and we are anxious for everyone to read it now that it is available!

We continue to do everything we can to help more families have the same outcome as us, and we hope that this book will inspire and give hope to anyone that may be going through a similar journey.


We Believe!

Tom, Kari, and Emily Whitehead 


Praying For Emily was independently published by the Whitehead family. No funds from the Emily Whitehead Foundation were used in the publication of this book.