Two weeks ago I received a message from parents who were at the CHOP Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Their infant son Gregory was on the ventilator from the storm after receiving the T-cell treatment that cured Emily. We set up a call and they said that they just wanted to talk to someone who witnessed their child go through this brutal storm when the T-cells are battling the cancer. I assured them that it is brutal but that they were doing everything that possibly could be done to try and save their son's life.

Today, after having my own Penn appointment's and taking Nicole Gularte to have her bone marrow checked for her one year cancer free biopsy, we walked across the street and met Gregory and his parents Rinu and Sonsy.

Gregory is doing much better and is back down to the oncology floor. His parents sit and wait and pray that the T-cells will work. I explained to them that other parents who we know well didn't even get the chance to enter their infant into the trial because their child's T-cells wouldn't grow. Just getting a product to be treated with is a leap forward. We are very hopeful that this boy can become one of the first infants to have success with T-cells.

We have been working very hard for over a year to hold our first EWF Believe Ball which is this Saturday night. We have many amazing volunteers who have worked relentlessly to have the largest gathering of T-cell patients to date be a success.

Our family has had some recent unexpected stress leading up to this but having so many inspiring people in one place at the same time has kept us all pushing forward for a greater cause.

Today just having Gregory smile at me once made me realize that it is all worth it! Please send your prayers, positive thoughts, and support to all of these families fighting cancer.

Our Believe Ball is happening in less than 48 hours.
Together we can help write a better story for everyone fighting cancer.

We Believe!