Hope Grant Program

The Emily Whitehead Foundation is uniquely aware of the heightened concerns, struggle, and uncertainty that pediatric cancer patients and their families have to face, especially those undergoing CAR T-cell therapy treatment.

To provide much needed support, we are activating the Hope Grant program to financially assist eligible families.

  • Eligibility Requirements


    • Patient must be enrolled in an active pediatric CAR T-cell therapy treatment program or clinical trial OR have a diagnosis of pediatric cancer and live in Centre County, PA.
    • Patient diagnosis and treatment plan must be confirmed by a social worker, oncologist, child life specialist, or other care team member.
    • Patient must be a citizen of the United States, or a permanent resident and reside in the U.S.
    • Income level is not an eligibility consideration.


    Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. If you are unsure whether you meet the eligibility requirements, please contact us. 

  • How to Apply

    Each Hope Grant will provide a $250 payment to eligible patients and families in the form of either a check, Amazon gift card, or VISA gift card to be used at their discretion. We do not require submission of receipts. Families may apply to the Hope Grant program, once every 6 months.

    An online application is available here.

    For questions, please email grants@emilywhiteheadfoundation.org with the subject line ‘HOPE GRANT’.

  • Match Forward

    To become a partner of this campaign and join us in our mission to inspire hope, please contact us by email at grants@emilywhiteheadfoundation.org.

The Emily Whitehead Foundation is a non-profit organization relying on the generosity of our donors and sponsors. Since the sustainability of this program is dependent on this generosity, the program may be modified or discontinued at any time if funding is altered.

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