Believe Ball

Write a Better Story

Childhood cancer patients often follow a similar storyline: diagnosis followed by treatment with chemotherapy or radiation. However, even when children reach remission, many develop long-term side effects or secondary cancers as a result of these harsh treatments.

We want to Write a Better Story for these heroes.

Save The Date!

The quest to #WriteABetterStory continues Saturday, September 17, 2022 at Valley Forge Casino Resort in King of Prussia, PA. 

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Our Mission

The Believe Ball supports our mission of funding childhood cancer research that will lead to the discovery of more targeted and less toxic treatments for children and raise awareness for childhood cancers, cancer research, and clinical trials.

Together, we will Write a Better Story for these heroes!

Watch the 2021 Believe Ball

The Emily Whitehead Foundation Believe Ball brings together patients, survivors, families, physicians, researchers, and others who are passionate about finding a cure for childhood cancers. Our 2021 virtual Believe Ball experience features inspirational stories, interactive activities, educational animations, and more!

Download the map to follow along with the warrior’s quest while viewing the event program.

Thank you to our 2021 sponsors!

The First Chapter

On October 28, 2017, our dream of hosting the inaugural Emily Whitehead Foundation Believe Ball became reality. The event raised $450,000 and brought together hundreds of attendees, including CAR-T cell therapy patients, their families, doctors, researchers and others working to find less toxic treatment options for children with cancer.